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Ivekta LLC is the sole distributor authorized by PJSC AVTODIZEL to supply YaMZ genuine engines and gearboxes to the Republic of Cuba.


Yaroslavsky Motorny Zavod  (Yaroslavl Motor Plant) that was founded in 1916 is the leading diesel engine manufacturing enterprise in Russia. Today Autodiesel (YaMZ) is the part of Powertrains – GAZ Group subdivision.


Yaroslavsky Motorny Zavod  is a specialized enterprise that manufactures diesel engines, gearboxes, diesel generator units (diesel power plants) and spare parts for them. Not only new types of engines are developed in the plant, but also the existing diesel engines models are brought up to the European standards.


YaMZ Engines


L-type YaMZ-530 family (105х128 mm) of 4- and 6-cylinder medium in-line engines with a displacement of 4.43 and 6.65 liters, power output from 120 to 320 HP, Euro-4 Emission Class, including 27 modifications, about 200 engine configurations


L-type YaMZ-650 family (123х156 mm) of 6-cylinder heavy in-line engines with a displacement of 11.12 liters, power output from 311 to 412 HP, Euro-4 Emission Class, including 10 modifications, over 220 engine configurations


V-type YaMZ-236, YaMZ-238 and YaMZ-240  family (130х140 mm) of 6-, 8- and 12- cylinder diesel engines with a displacement of 11.15, 14.86 and 22.3 liters, power output from 150 to 500 HP, including 65 models and over 260 engine configurations, including those of Euro-4 and preceding Emission Classes


V-type YaMZ-840 and YaMZ-850 family (140х140 mm) of 12-cylinder heavy diesel engines with a displacement of 25,86 liters, power output from 440 to 800 HP, 10 models, over 50 engine configurations


YaMZ engines are applied in more than 300 types of motor vehicles and miscellaneous equipment manufactured by enterprises in Russia and Belarus. They are installed in trucks, chassis, trailer trucks, mine dump trucks, buses, tractors and harvesters, road construction machinery,  diesel generator sets (diesel generator stations). YaMZ engines are widely applied in special-purpose motor vehicles of Russian Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, and of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters.


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