Ivekta LLC is the supplier of Russian equipment and spare parts for it in the Republic of Cuba. The Company’s staff has more than 25-years-experience of operation on the market of Cuba]. The Company is mainly focused on the delivery of operationally ready equipment, genuine spare parts for motor vehicles and Russian-made tractors, engines, tires, bearings, metal products and construction-site equipment to Cuba.


Being authorized by GAZ Group (that includes LLC Commercial Vehicles – GAZ Group, LLC Russian Busses – GAZ Group, and PJSC Avtodizel), by UMG (that includes JSC Automobile Plant URAL, RМ-Terex LLC, and LLC Bryansk Tractor Plant), and also by JSC AVTOVAZ (LADA cars), JSC LADA Image (spare parts for LADA cars), and by PJSC ChKPZ (PJSC Chelyabinsk Forge-and-Press Plant) (Hartung semi-trailers) as a distributor, the Company is a reliable supplier in the Republic of Cuba of the equipment manufactured by these enterprises and of the spare parts for it and provides the after-sales services.


The strategic goal of Ivekta LLC is to provide a high level of services, to deliver premium-quality products, and to satisfy all customers’ needs. To achieve the objectives, the Representative Office and the warehouse were established in Havana (the Republic of Cuba) in 2013 that made it possible to enhance the quality of services and to provide a prompt feed-back to customers enquires.


The superior quality of the delivered goods is of great importance to Ivekta LLC, so each of an equipment unit or spare-part under supply is closely examined by the Company before preservation treatment and packing so as to be successfully exported. All spare-parts supplied by Ivekta LLC are in full compliance with Russian and international ISO standards.


•  Commercial Vehicles – GAZ Group

•  Russian Buses – GAZ Group

•  AZ URAL (UralAZ)

•  PJSC Avtodizel (YaMZ) - Yaroslavl Motor Plant


•  JSC LADA Image

•  RМ-Terex LLC (construction-site equipment)

•  LLC BTZ (Bryansk Tractor Plant that is manufacturing wheel and crawler tractors)

•  PJSC ChKPZ (Hartung semi-trailers)


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Moscow, 101000

telephone: +7(495) 623 99 26

fax: +7(495) 623 83 64


29 Bogolyubova Str., build. 2

Moscow Region, Russia, 141980

Telephone /fax: +7(49621) 4 60 21



11300, Cuba, La Habana,Playa, Centro de Negocios Miramar, Edificio Jerusalen, Oficina 210

Тел: + (537) 204 05 02;  + (537) 204 05 36